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Question Trying to import animation from DOTA2, it works but kinda not work

Discussion in 'Animation' started by wenleicai123, Nov 28, 2022.

  1. wenleicai123


    Aug 27, 2018
    What's up gamers,

    So I am trying to make some own fun stuffs for myself using Dota2's heroes and animations. For the models, I just simply go to their official workshop website (, download, and import to Unity, works 100% fine.

    Then for animations, I followed this Youtube tutorial (
    ) and successfully make it works nicely in Blender:

    Then I import this to Unity, something weird happens:

    1. If I do nothing, the animation preview looks perfect:

    2. If I go to Inspector panel -> Rig, change the Animation Type from Generic to Humanoid, the preview animation looks as good as the previous step. Please be aware of how the weapon Axe been waved out.

    3. Then I opened up the asset, click on the animation, the preview looks like this:

    4. And so does if I apply to the Animator controller, the weapon's position and rotation is not right with the hands.

    I am not so familiar with animations with weapons, so I could not figure this problem out. I feel like this should be fixable but I do not know where to debug/find where the problem is. So if any experts could give your idea or suggestions, I will be 100% appreciated!

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