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TrumpyBux - Our First Tizen Release

Discussion in 'Tizen' started by Delgada89, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Delgada89


    Nov 26, 2012
    After many hours of fiddling with Tizen Studio, reading forum posts, using the RTL to test as well as the emulator (shout out to MasterFalcon) and battling Certificates I managed to claw my way through validation to get posted on the Tizen Store. Just wanted to thank all the helpful forum posts I read here.

    We here at GigaTank3000 made TrumpyBux as a tongue-in-cheek internal game jam when we first formed as a studio back in July as a sort of test if we could even finish something. We completed the game is less than a week from start to finish and sometimes given the course of the year I wish I was wrong about the prediction. We deployed first to Android, then to Windows Store and now Tizen. All said and done, be sure to download the game, give a rating, and we hope you enjoy the game and we definitely will be considering Tizen again for our other projects percolating on the burners. Have a wonderful new year!

    You can find TrumpyBux on Google Play, Windows Store, and Tizen.

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