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Unity Troubleshooting - Integration Not Complete / Pending Data Processing / No Data in Validator

Discussion in 'Unity Analytics' started by ap-unity, Feb 14, 2018.

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  1. ap-unity


    Unity Technologies

    Aug 3, 2016
    In an effort to consolidate some of the information that is scattered around in multiple places, I put together a quick troubleshooting guide that covers some common integration issue. If you have any questions, please start a new thread or open a support ticket.

    Analytics Support Link

    Getting your Analytics dashboard setup is a three-step process

    1. Enable Unity Analytics in your project
    Setting up Analytics Manual Page
    During this step, a cloud project ID is generated for your project. With this project ID, you can view your Analytics Dashboard. However, until you complete Step 2, your dashboard status will be "Integration Not Complete".

    2. Press Play in the Editor
    Once you click Play in the Editor, the app will send start sending Analytics events from the Editor. This will change the dashboard status to "Pending Data Processing". However, we will not actually start processing data until you visit the dashboard at least once.

    3. Visit your Analytics dashboard
    In order to improve the efficiency of our data processing, we will only process data from apps that visit their dashboards.

    We process data in batches, which are currently run every 8 hours. Data will not be displayed in your dashboard until the first events you sent have completed processing. It is possible that you might not see data until 16 hours after you completed integration, if your events were sent right when a batch starts processing.

    If all goes well, that is all you need to setup your Unity Analytics dashboard. We also have some tools to make sure that all went well.

    The Validator
    During development, you can use the Validator to view events as they are sent from your app. The Validator is available at the top of the Event Manager page and in the Analytics section of the Services window. The Validator will show events that are sent from the Editor and any Development builds.

    The Validator will display the events that our service has received from your app. Since this is a round trip, any outage of the Validator will affect the events that are displayed. However, this does not mean that your events were not sent correctly.

    Validator Outages / Delays
    We have had a couple of Validator issues recently and this has a few different effects. Most notably, the Validator (and Livestream, which works off the same service) will not show data. This will also affect the dashboard status because the dashboard also uses the Validator to check for events. So you may still see the "Integration Not Complete" even if your events are sent correctly.

    (Sidenote: These are typically reported as outages, but more often, they are simply delays. But for a service that normally offers near-realtime feedback, a five minute delay looks like an outage. And after the underlying issue is resolved, it may take some time for the Validator service to catch up. No data is lost during these delays.)


    What does the status "Integration Not Complete" mean and how do I fix it?
    • Press Play in the Editor
    • Make sure the Project ID in the Editor matches the Project ID in the dashboard
    • The Validator service may delayed, in which case you can use other methods outlined below to confirm Analytics is enabled.
    How can I confirm that Analytics is integrated correctly?
    • If you see events in the Validator, then we are receiving those events.
    • You can use a network traffic analyzer, such as Charles proxy to determine if events are sent.
    • You can also use the returned AnalyticsResult of the Analytics method to determine if the events are sent correctly.
    Code (CSharp):
    1. AnalyticsResult result = Analytics.CustomEvent("Test");
    2. // This should print "Ok" if the event was sent correctly.
    3. Debug.Log(result);
    What does the status "Pending Data Processing" mean and how do I fix it?
    • Wait for 8-16 hours after your first visit to the dashboard
    • If your dashboard still shows "Pending Data Processing" after two processing cycles, then please open a support ticket.
    • If your dashboard does not have a status listed, that means all the data we have received has been processed. On the default view in the Data Explorer, single data points are a bit hidden, since our graphs will only show individual points when you hover over them with your mouse. If you switch to bar chart mode, you can see it clearly.
    • If there is no data on your dashboard, please open a support ticket.
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