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TREEGEN 2023 - procedural tree generator

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by WiskeredStudio, Jun 27, 2023.

  1. WiskeredStudio


    Dec 10, 2019

    TREEGEN 2023 - procedural tree generator (version 1.1.1).

    Create trees quickly and easily using many settings like curves, sliders, etc. Fully customizable, no code required, just use. One tool — thousands of trees! TREEGEN 2023!

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    ◼ Compatibility ◼
    - Works in Unity 2019.4 and above.
    - Support Universal Render Pipeline (URP) and Built-in Render Pipeline.

    ◼️ Features ◼️

    1. Easy and Fast Tree Generation:
    • Generate trees quickly and effortlessly.
    • Create trees of any size, from stumps to palms and large oaks.
    • Over 50 customizable generation settings for each object.
    • Dynamic random tree generation with preset lists.
    • Saving and easy access to presets for quick and consistent tree creation.
    • Preconfigured 25+ generation presets are available.

    2. Optimized Mesh Generation:
    • Create an optimized mesh with a single click.
    • Save separate meshes for leaves and trunk (to disable collisions with leaves).
    • Save meshes with smooth shading and adjustable smoothing angles.
    • LODs (Level of Detail) generation feature for improved performance.

    3. Material Flexibility:
    • Customizable animated tree leaf and crown material with a variety of settings (you can change shaders in Shader Graph).
    • Access to 30 textures for enhanced visual appeal.

    4. Included Tools and Support:
    • TREEGEN Mesh Editor for advanced mesh editing.
    • Documentation for seamless usage.

    ◼️ Future updates ◼️
    • Option to bake custom vertex color into generated trees.
    • Adding real-time generation (in the game build).
    • VR support.
    • Instance support.
    • Add new materials and shaders.
    • Add new types of leaf meshes.

    Note: All the screenshots are captured in Unity 2021 Built-in using post-processing. So it may look slightly different in other Unity versions and without post-processing in terms of lighting. The asset does not include the demo scenes shown in the screenshots (grass, FX, sky, post-processing, rocks, water, objects, ground textures)

    If you have any suggestions or ideas for updates or future releases, share your thoughts via email: