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traverse and elevate override

Discussion in 'Animation' started by buckius82, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. buckius82


    Nov 19, 2013
    i have mechs with animations attached some have inverse legs some are quads. so i have animations that control the legs; however i have arms and a torso component to traverse and elevate the torso and arms at a target.
    without animation it works fine. but with animation it does not work at all.
    i need to be able to over ride the animation on the torsos.
    i tried using an avatar mask importing the skeleton then deactivating the torso and arm bones but nothing.
    the rigs are generic not humanoid.
    a work around wold be to remove those bones and just parent the torso to the first spine. but when the mech does not have a turret the torso is to rigid.

    i tried look rotation and it works kind of its just the rotation of the torso is off because the bones are not y = up in the hierarchy. so the torso rotaion is off by 90* on the x axis and 90 * on the y axis;

    i guess why would transform.lookat work; not not transform.rotate