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Question Touchpad not fuctioning properly in a Unity app

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by DPXVI, Mar 31, 2023.

  1. DPXVI


    Mar 31, 2023
    I'm work as a L1 IT support and I'm having a little issue with an Unity App I hope you can lend me a hand with. Long story short one of our clients it's a local aquarium which has a couple of interactive totems where people can read a lot of educational content about different local species from Argentina, play some videos and other stuff on an application developed in Unity.

    The issue here is that the totems uses a Displax touch module and it's not being recognized by the Unity application, you can't interact with any of the different objects. You press a button to read X fish information and nothing happens, because the Unity application doesn't recognizes the touch input

    The Unity application is custom made specifically for this client, we have no documents or read me files nor contact with the developer of this application (the developers stopped giving to the Aquarium because they didn't paid their services), there's no documentation nor readme files and the app doesn't have any settings options where we can calibrate or configure anything. The app is running in Linux Mint and the Displax touch module works perfectly in Linux Mint, so it must be a calibration problem between the app and the touch module.

    I apologize in advance, english isn't my first language and it's a pretty specific and hard to explain issue. I will try to provide any videos or pictures to help understand the problem