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Feedback Top 15 best selling Japanese tea table sets Kobe Wood Furniture

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by kobewoodfurniturevn, Feb 27, 2021.

  1. kobewoodfurniturevn


    Feb 27, 2021
    Japanese tea table is one of the furniture products chosen by many customers when decorating the interior of an office, home or hotel restaurant. Therefore, many interior design architects still choose to use green areas in the interior space, accompanied by natural values, combined with natural wood or industrial wood. daily life of each group of customers, thereby bringing a green atmosphere.

    Interior design industry is not new, but to understand and follow this industry requires experiencing many problems in current life. In addition, we must know how to combine the natural values that are bestowed on our lives, into every corner of this colorful life. If choosing between stereotyping designs, shining with new design ideas, is always a trend that cannot be stopped.

    Japanese Tea Table Kobe Wood Furniture

    Japanese tea tables are one of the designs of tea tables from Japan, possibly the short-foot tea tables that often appear in every traditional Japanese family. In particular, Japanese-style tea tables are usually made of natural wood or industrial wood, with beautiful and simple pattern lines suitable for traditional Japanese designs, and depending on the region and region. Geography of living, there will be different sizes of Japanese tea tables.

    Usually, the size of the Japanese tea table model will vary in height from 15cm to 30cm, and is often called the Japanese style flat tea table, which we often see in Japanese dramas. Today, the Japanese architectural style is a trend and a trend in the Vietnamese design style. As long as you go to Japanese restaurants or restaurants, or go to Japanese streets in Vietnam, you will find it very interesting.

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