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Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by lorenalexm, Jul 16, 2020.

  1. lorenalexm


    Dec 14, 2012


    ToonyVoices is a game audio asset, allowing you to simulate speech in as little as one line of code.

    Ever run into the problem when creating your dream game that you want to have multiple characters speaking, but do not have the time or means for recording your own? Then ToonyVoices might be the asset for you!

    What does ToonyVoices do?
    - Endless Voices: This asset simulates character voices in a cartoon style, allowing you full control over pitch and inflection. It comes with premade sounds for your characters to use, and easily allows you to replace them with your own.
    - Event System: Be notified when your character finishes speaking all together, or even letter by letter so you can fill in a speech bubble as they talk!
    - Extremely easy to use: You can have your own characters speaking in as little as ONE line of code!
    - Built-in Example: A full example scene is included demonstrating the various features included within the ToonyVoices asset.
    - Complete Documentation: An included PDF file for offline viewing covers all of the assets' uses, with example code and images to ensure everything is clear and concise. The code is also completely commented and easy to follow along.

    Dive right in, and let the ToonyVoices game audio asset help you in creating your dream!

    ToonyVoices has only been tested with Unity 2018.4 LTS and above, support for older versions should work but are not supported or guaranteed.