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Graphics Today's journey into the d3d12 native rendering plugin interface~!

Discussion in '5.4 Beta' started by Pyromuffin, May 23, 2016.

  1. Pyromuffin


    Aug 5, 2012
    holy crap after spending all day screwing around with unity's native dx12 rendering plugin interface, I finally have something rendering!~ drawing red into that quad's texture through a compute shader.

    I'm posting this here just in case someone else is trying to do this, and runs into some of the same issues I had.
    I'll answer any question's you've got if you'd like more clarification.

    the pitfalls i overcame today (in roughly chronological order):
    • trying to find unity's 5.4 beta native plugin interface headers for d3d12
    • forcing unity into d3d12 mode when the editor options seem to have no effect
    • figuring out how to debug a dll running in an app I don't have source access to
    • no unbounded UAV arrays in resource binding tier 2 (my fault for trying to do unbounded bindless on a gtx 980)
    • creating my own compute command queue without any possibility of unity telling me the state of resources im using (i suppose this means I won't be able use multi-engine features with unity's native plugin interface)
    • not having any idea how to actually compile shaders
    • figuring out how to compile shaders, putting the bytecode in a header file, then... not knowing how to get the header file into an included directory
    • undoing unity's weird custom build steps for shaders i'm not using
    • including the d3d12 lib so i can serialize pipeline state blobs at runtime?!
    • not creating a texture with unordered write flags set (has to be done through a unity script)
    • forcing d3d12 debug layer through the dx control panel
    • trying to start the graphics debugger while creating a texture that is way too large
    • thinking unity was not creating resource barriers for me when it was, even when the timeline seems reversed
    • writing to a UAV array without dereferencing it first even if there is only one UAV set in the descriptor heap (bindless fail #2)

    now the real work starts of porting my fluid sim to DX12 for cheap readback!

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  2. duck


    Unity Technologies

    Oct 21, 2008
    Hi Pyromuffin! Sounds like a lot of work, glad to hear you got past all those hurdles. I'm on Unity's docs team - if there are any particular steps where you feel like the docs should be improved based on your experience, please drop us a note in the docs forum.

    Thanks :)