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Tips and Suggestions for Windows Store Apps and Windows Phone Apps

Discussion in 'Windows' started by Mitchell Ransom, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Mitchell Ransom

    Mitchell Ransom

    Aug 13, 2013
    Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to develop a game for Windows Store and Windows Phone. I was already successful in creating a game project for Windows Desktop and Web Player, however, when trying to port the game over to either platform I get a huge amount of errors, too many to go through and solve one by one so I am starting a new project from scratch.

    Looking around for examples, tutorials and support hasn't turned up much at all. And at this point, even getting working touch screen controls would be impossible without the Virtual Controls Suite I purchased on the Asset Store (Thanks btw, fantatic package!).

    I'm not looking for help in specific errors here, hence why I'm not posting error logs and code samples! However, I would like to know if anyone has access to any decent tutorials and examples or basic support specifically catered for Windows Store and Windows Phone.

    Does anyone know if I can contact Microsoft for support in a Unity based game?

    Kind regards,
    Mitchell Ransom