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Timeline UI question

Discussion in 'Timeline' started by laurentlavigne, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. laurentlavigne


    Aug 16, 2012
    in premiere if I ctrl+drop a clip, it'll ripple insert it, what's the timeline equivalent?
    shift+dragging a clip duplicate it, how do I do that in timeline?
    c cutes a clip, shortcut in timeline?
    ctrl+c copies, ctrl+v on another track doesn't paste it to that track... what's the secret sauce here?

    also why is the animation corrupted when I rename the clip? bug probably

    and when i'm recording (that red blinky thing) why can't i move the keys around (diamond thingies)? so i untoggle the blinky thing hoping that, off the recording mode, i can slide the keys around, nope, can't do, what you can do though is click on the spline icon and move the splines around (although you can't zoom vertically which won't work in most cases)... confused

    it's all in .2f3, is .3 more, hum, user friendly?
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  2. laurentlavigne


    Aug 16, 2012
    Also the mute icon looks like a double comb, normal icon is an eye that closes.
    oh and undo a curve change doesn't work, seems some copy/paste of old code happened in there ;)
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  3. thierry_unity


    Unity Technologies

    Jun 10, 2015
    Hi @laurentlavigne
    Whoa! lots of questions, so let's start right away!

    1st post
    Ripple isn't in Timeline yet, it's one of the numerous features we are actively working on along with many other clip manipulations behavior that you see in other software.

    Duplicate works like elsewhere in in Unity (CMD/CTRL + D)

    S is for Split, this the shortcut you are looking for.

    For the copy paste on tracks, you can do it without shortcuts, using the right click menu on the track you want to paste into. Note that there are lots of edge cases there where you couldn't paste and we are still working on fixing them.

    Animation clip is corrupted? this should definitely not happen.. mind opening a bug with the exact repro? I couldn't do it on my side.

    Same with the inlines curves, I made a small animation to verify with you that it was exactly what you meant. inlinesCurvesDuringRecord.gif

    Lastly, Features and User Pains won't usually get changed in patches, this goes for all unity. Patches and fixes are there to fix issues we found in that version. So if you are looking user friendliness in UX, you usually won't find it there.

    2nd post
    The mute icon is actually a bar on an eye, maybe the resolution isn't right, we will see what we can do about it.
    Undo on inlines curves should work, and I've tested on my side, mind opening another bug with a small shared project so we could look into it?