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Timeline to open and close some UI menus

Discussion in 'Animation' started by RomkaKing, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. RomkaKing


    Nov 20, 2015
    I want create game menu and animate, Open and Close animations.
    Also in animations I want use another game objects (not childs).
    I think about this
    I just create two gameObjects.
    - OpenObject
    - CloseObject
    Screen 1.png
    And add TimeLine on both objects.
    Screen 2.png
    First to Open menu, second to Close menu.
    Create Button to open and Button to close (UI Buttons). Screen 3.png Screen 4.png
    In OpenButton - 1 Stop CloseTimeLine, 2 Play OpenTimeLine.
    In CloseButton - 1 Stop OpenTimeLine, 2 Play CloseTimeLine.
    If whoever know better way, please write about it)
    Sorry for my English)
    Best Regards :)