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Question Timeline cannot be played

Discussion in 'Timeline' started by Bacon_02, Apr 26, 2024.

  1. Bacon_02


    Jun 30, 2023
    I'm trying to use Timeline in Unity, but when I press the play button, nothing happens.

    <What I've done>
    I created an empty object and attached a Playable Director to it. In the inspector, I attached the timeline file to "Playable". I added an activation track to the timeline and set it to make the Square object active after about 1 second.

    Pressing the play button in the Timeline tab does not start playback. Playback also does not occur when playing the game. Moving the white bar on the timeline activates the object as specified.

    I am using Unity version 2022.3.10f1.

    I have tried creating a new scene and restarting Unity, but the issue persists. Does anyone have any insights or has encountered a similar issue?

    Thank you in advance!

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