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Official Tilemap Extras 1.6.4-preview for 2020.2 is now available

Discussion in '2D Experimental Preview' started by rustum, Mar 24, 2021.

  1. rustum


    Unity Technologies

    Feb 14, 2015
    Tilemap Extras 1.6.4-preview for 2020.2 is now available. In this release we've made the following changes:
    • For Hexagonal Rule Tile we fixed an issue with the mirror rule
    • For Rule Tile Add min and max animation speedup
    • For Rule Override Tile:
      • Fix import issue when upgrading from a previous version of RuleOverrideTile
    • For the Rule Tile Editor:
      • Added new rule below selected rule in RuleTileEditor
      • Added dropdown to duplicate Rule
      Updated the documentation
    • For the Prefab Brush:
      • Added pick (Users are able to pick Prefabs using the Pick tool)
      • Added tooltip for "Erase Any Objects" field
    • For PrefabBrush and GameObjectBrush, we now account for Anchor when using GetObjectsInCell in PrefabBrush and GameObjectBrush
    • For CustomRuleTileScript, we now allow Custom Rule Tile template script to be created regardless of where template script is installed (from a package or in the project)
    • Added a contribution notice in and Updated Third Party
    To install 2D Tilemap Extras:
    1. Go to Project Settings > Package Manager > Advanced Settings and make sure that Enable Pre-release Packages is checked.
    2. Select 2D Tilemap Extras in the Package Manager and hit Install.