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Tileable Desert Terrain- Sand Storm and Dune Environment (Asset Support)

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by jermesa_studio, May 16, 2024.

  1. jermesa_studio


    Apr 29, 2017

    Asset Store Link :

    Transform your game environment into immersive terrain with 3d tileable Desert Terrain- Sand Storm and Dune Landscape Environment! This environment game asset for Unity is your ultimate tool for effortlessly creating stunning game environments.

    Major Update
    We have done a major update to this assets and have added tons of new of new 3d tile set with optimized, improve and high quality model, we also added a new sand storm effect to this pack.

    Modular & Tileable
    With this modular and 3d tileable terrain system, you can easily build your own levels by simply dragging and dropping prefabs with grid snapping. Since these were made with blocks of terrain of various types, you could possibly create an open world or a vast and diverse landscape environment for games.

    Grid Snapping Compatible
    The grid snapping feature ensures that each terrain seamlessly fits together for creating endless terrain environment giving your game a polished and professional look. For tutorial watch here

    URP Compatible
    Our asset, is also compatible with Universal Render Pipeline or URP. We have included a URP Setup file,where you can easily install and set up URP for your project. If you need any help, how to set up a URP Project in Unity with Our Asset Pack, there is a document available with this assets, that explain you step by step on how to setup URP for your project. You can also watch our video tutorial (link above).

    Tons of Assets and Prefab
    This pack includes 10 different terrain models, as well as a variety of stones, rocks, trees, thorn, and cactus! With the included prefabs, adding these elements into your scene couldn't be simpler thanks to the included prefabs. All it takes is a quick drag and drop, and you'll have them seamlessly integrated into your project in no time at all.

    Sand Storm Effects
    And to add that touch of realism, we've also included sand storm effects that will transport players into an immersive gaming experience.

    Smooth Camera Control Script
    Navigating through your masterpiece is a breeze with the fly view camera control script with smooth functionality. Its smooth function ensures seamless movement and easily navigate throughout your scene.

    Bonus: Ancient Architecture Modular Building
    Finally, as a bonus we have added an Ancient Architecture modular building. This incredible asset will elevate your game world to new heights, infusing it with a sense of depth and authenticity that brings it to virtual life like never before. Embrace the power of creativity and create a truly captivating gaming experience.

    Package Contains:
    •desert_land_01 : 10,206 tris
    •desert_land_02 : 10,020 tris
    •desert_low_land_01 : 6962 tris
    •desert_low_land_02 : 7192 tris
    •desert_low_land_03 : 5894 tris
    •desert_low_land_04 : 7150 tris
    •desert_low_land_05 : 6222 tris
    •dune_01 : 3210 tris
    •dune_02 : 3767 tris
    •dune_03 : 4768 tris
    •thorns : 600 tris
    •cactus_01 : 1210 tris
    •cactus_02 : 942 tris
    •tree_01 : 706 tris
    •tree_02 : 1460 tris
    •ruined_wall : 4019 tris
    •pillar_01 : 746 tris
    •pillar_02 : 232 tris
    •roof_01 : 640 tris
    •roof_02 : 604 tris
    •stone_brick : 376 tris
    •massive_rock : 572 tris
    •rock_arc : 724 tris
    •rock_01 : 612 tris
    •rock_02 : 582 tris
    •rock_03 : 284 tris

    Support Team:
    Every asset in this pack has been skillfully designed and modeled from scratch by our dedicated team of professional artists. If you need any help regarding or assets please reply to this thread or reach out to us from our contact details below.

    YouTube demo
    Tutorial how to setup a URP Project in Unity with Our Asset Pack
    Tutorial how to use Grid Snapping in Unity

    Contact Support:
    Join Us on Discord:

    Thanks to for providing some of the necessary materials and texture for making this assets
    Created using Ground Substance 001 from,
    licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal License.
    Material link: