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Feedback This is how Unity treats its users?

Discussion in 'Meta-forum Discussion' started by Unrighteouss, Apr 1, 2023.

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  1. Unrighteouss


    Apr 24, 2018

    I opened a discussion thread over the legitimate safety concerns of Unity selling stolen assets on its store, and the impact that has on users.

    I was enjoying the discussion and seeing the different viewpoints various users had.

    That was until the moderator zombiegorilla showed up, instantly closed the discussion, said that we were "whinging" and that "Complaining and arguing about it is not a practical solution for creating a game."

    So voicing legitimate concerns, discussing those concerns with other users, all the while gaining additional insight into the issue, is tantamount to "whinging" now? Do you know what else isn't practical for creating a game? loading it with dozens of stolen assets purchased from Unity to then receive a cease and desist and/or be labelled a thief.

    I have been using Unity for years, I've submitted dozens of bug reports, purchased thousands of dollars worth of assets on the Unity asset store, I've posted nearly 600 times on these forums, most of which were to try and help other users... but all of that ends here.

    If Unity is willing to sell me stolen assets, not notify me, not refund me, and then I can't even discuss the matter with other users on the forums for more than an afternoon without being insulted and silenced... then I'm done. No more bug reports, no more asset shopping (don't use 99% of them anyway), and no more helping on the forums and being a part of the community.

    I'll still be using Unity to make my games, but up until this point, I've done everything in my power to be productive and helpful (detailed bug reports, communicating with devs, helping other users, providing constructive feeback), but apparently I was just whinging, complaining, and arguing, and zombiegorilla is absolutely correct, none of that was any help to me at all in making my game, so that ends today.

    This is my last post on the forums.

    This may seem a bit dramatic, but honestly, my frustrations with Unity as a company have been piling up for a while, and this is the culmination of that frustration. I fully expect this to be closed or taken down as soon as a moderator finds it, and I fully expect to be insulted again before that happens. However, I will not see it. If Unity feels like apologizing for their behavior, they have my email.

    Ah, that felt great to write.

    Thank you Unity.
  2. neginfinity


    Jan 27, 2013
    I already directed you towards previous thread like that an response given to it by actual staff. Your thread was a duplicate. The previous thread also had plenty of suggestions regarding the situation.

    While I understand your desire to vent, you need to understand that many people lack desire to read other people's "venting" posts, especially when they're not paid for it. Moderators and people on those forums are volunteers unless they wear "unitiy technologies" badge.

    Regarding your "I'm leaving", as they say, this is not an airport and there's no need to announce your departure.

    What I'd recommend, however, is not to get attached to the tools you're using. Sometimes people think that by using a product they become part of some sort of family associated with that product, and want to live happily ever after with that family. That results in hurt feelings when focus of the product change.

    So the right idea, in my opinion, is not to get attached, and not go out of your way to be useful. Treat tools as tools, walk along with their development while they remain useful, and when your goals no longer align, walk away and switch.

    But that's just my opinion.

    Regardless of behavior of unity technologies as a company, whether it is real or just perceived, unity has plenty of attractive things that make it worth using. The thing is, you're focused on asset store, and the way I feel it is the part of unity that was never incredibly important in the first place. But then again, that's just my opinion.
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  3. Murgilod


    Nov 12, 2013
    Good luck with that, buddy.
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  4. zombiegorilla



    May 8, 2012
    I have adjusted the tone of my response in that thread. But the point still stands. This same issue gets brought up every once in a while, and Unity has addressed it in their responses and their policy in those threads. If you find an asset that is problem report it to the asset store. Unity have stated they aren't going to (and probably practically cannot) prescreen assets and their refund policies are stated. Bad actors are going appear from time to time. Report them so they can deal with it. Beyond that, you will need to contact Asset Store support for other concerns. Arguing about it on the forums won't affect things, and isn't allowed here.

    I will also try to be a bit more clear here... if you plan on releasing a game, or don't want to be dependent on something that may lose its availability, then maybe using the Asset Store is not an acceptable risk. You need to make the best choice for your needs. You know the risks associated with the Asset Store. Or put even more clearly, I personally never use Asset Store assets for anything critical. (with the rare exception of editor enhancements). I had exactly the same thing happen to me many years ago, (someone tried to sell an asset they didn't have permission to do so, and it was removed). Not worth the risk to ever do that again.

    So, again, arguing is not going to change anything, you have posted your point, but keeping it open for arguing/ranting is not useful. Closed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.