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Theta Warriors Online

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by EnigmaCEO, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. EnigmaCEO


    Jul 7, 2011
    We are targeting Android and iOS devices with a beta test start date of April 27th.

    Game Description (rough draft):

    Theta Warriors Online (TWO) is an online strategy RPG set in a future world scenario where the three superpowers are locked in perpetual war. The technology race to produce weaponized Thetas requires a massive amount of alloy metal. The alloy mines are under the control of various renegade armies that furiously defend their territory and have no loyalties to the empires. To deal with this threat, the empires are drafting new pilots, called Theta Warriors, to deploy in tactical units and secure supplies of alloy to fuel their war efforts.

    Game Features:
    4 Base Classes (Ballistics, Lasers, Missiles, Electronics)
    4 vs 4 Turn based combat
    Team building strategy that simulates real time MMO group mechanics
    13 Missions
    16 Special combat abilities
    20 Upgrade Modules that add new Theta functionality
    6 Consumable stat boosting Power Cores
    In-depth configuration system that allows for unique builds
    3-way Empire war
    In-game chat system
    PvP War Zone with zone capturing, alloy gathering, and defensive construction (Coming after beta launch)
    PvP Empire War to steal enemy War Zone blueprints (Coming after beta launch)
    PvP Battleground for friendly combat training (Coming after beta launch)