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There seems to be a min number for rotation in a class inheriting from network behaviour

Discussion in 'Documentation' started by akshays, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. akshays


    Aug 14, 2016
    Ok after playing around with this I find that transform.Rotation values cant be very low numbers. I have set mine to 1f (float). But when I was coding single player small numbers didnt matter and not networked inheriting from NetworkBehaviour. It also seem that such a large number as 1 initially I found 0.1f or 0.01f hardcoded produced rotation. Ok I just started coding first time with Unity a couple of days or week ago and I am going through the documentation and videos so this probably might be in the documentation videos already. I think when you do Vector3 Quartenion for very small numbers in a class inheriting from NetworkBehaviour they will be made 0f. This was what was happening. Also I assume Update() and FixedUpdate() methods/functions are called at a lower rate per second which is why this might be by design. I dont really know but this is what I found. Since I could find no information searching on google and I am good at find stuff on google through keyword searches I thought I would post this for some good karma help other coder programmers of Unity like me out. This is not a problem it is fixed with hardcoded 1f value 0.1f the model player turns too slowly. However any Unity coder programmer gurus and Unity devs might care to provide the correct answers and not my guesses about how Unity works with a couple of days of Unity or week max behind me lol . Sorry for wordy post I am drinking and coding programming which I do since 1990. I call it party coding lol.
  2. commodore


    May 30, 2012
    What are you trying to accomplish? Could you post the code?