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The Unofficial Android Compatibility List For Unity

Discussion in 'Android' started by Dakwamine, Dec 3, 2016.


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  1. Dakwamine


    Aug 5, 2012
    Hi all.

    You will find a compatibility list for Android software made with Unity here:

    As of today, it contains 244 reported entries gathered mainly from those two threads:
    Sadly a majority of the entries are incomplete due to lack of information when reporting...

    So if you want to contribute, I need those informations:
    1. Brand: I'm not talking about the manufacturer. If it is a Google Nexus, it is Google and not LG / Asus or whatever.
    2. Commercial name: this is the name we use to refer usually to our devices. Be specific, don't mix two models with close names.
    3. (Optional) Alternative names: if the device has another commercial name and is the same product with the same codename, it may be interesting to have this info.
    4. Codename: we use this to identify precisely each device. For example, we have multiple Samsung Galaxy S II on the market. They all share the same commercial name but they differ inside; this is why we absolutely need something to discriminate them.
    5. OS: is it Android? CyanogenMod? Other?
    6. OS version: for example: 4.0.2, 6.0.1, etc. Saying "ICS" or "KitKat" is not enough to tell which version is running. Also, you have to tell the current version tested and not make suppositions like "it should work on 5.1+".
    7. Unity version used to export the apk: the best is to have the full version notation like "4.6.1f1" or "5.0.0b12". But if you want to report incompatibilty due to updates in the Unity engine (such as non-NEON Androids support drop), you can report something like "5+".
    8. Encounterd problems: what is the bug / problem? Is it critical? Is it minor? Or is it not even blocking at all?
    And if you know which kind of ARM (ARMv6 or 7) it is using, it would be great to know it. But this is, for me, not that important.

    Now, to contribute:
    1. Use the two threads mentioned above:
      • the first one is when you want to ask for info to anyone on this forum,
      • the second one is to report non-NEON devices which are known to not work in Unity 5+.
    2. When you are sure a device works or not or is having trouble working, please reply in this thread and I will gladly add a new entry in the list.
    And finally, if you don't see me around updating the list for too long, please ask a modo to make a copy of the list and replace my thread / link to the list so that we don't have to start again.

    That's all folks!
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