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Discussion The Sims on a spaceship with a Pokémon gen 1 art style

Discussion in 'Game Design' started by Mallaboro, Jun 15, 2023.

  1. Mallaboro


    Sep 22, 2017
    Been wanting to make this for ages.

    You've 4 AIs with hunger, bladder, water, oxygen and happiness.

    They're on a spaceship. It's top-down, *think Pokémon 1st gen*.

    There's different shape ships. In the ship is a grid the player can populate with walls, doors and facilities.

    Your crew have different traits that determine what they're good at onboard.

    Every few days they'll get a random event, like detecting an SOS signal you can choose to respond to, or they might see a random wreck, or be attacked.

    There's 3 factions, the Moriart, the Nu'djinn, and the Celestine.

    Moriart missiles decimate Nu'djinn hulls
    Nu'djinn railguns whittle away Celestine forcefields
    Celestine lasers cut right through Moriart armour.

    When you destroy a ship you can salvage it or take it over, essentially giving you a new home to build with potentially a bigger build space for more facilities.

    Bigger ships by default have a larger signal though, leading to more frequent attacks and subsequently less rest time for your crew.

    Crew can be trained via looted books or resource demanding simulators.

    Anyway, I'll stop there, lemme know what you think. I've never played FTL but I described it to a friend and they said it sounds a bit like that.

    I'll start working on this soon and will link a public git with progress GIFs.

    This'll be for mobile btw.
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