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The problem of NavMesh and NavMeshObstacle in Unity 4.6

Discussion in 'Navigation' started by C0MPLETE, Apr 23, 2015.



    Apr 6, 2015
    Hi, everyone.
    I got a problem of NavMesh and NavMeshObstacle in Unity 4.6

    I made NavMesh likes below.

    And I put a GameObject attached BoxCollider and NavMeshObstacle.
    The property 'Carve' in NavMeshObstacle is checked.
    So the part of NavMesh is removed. It is not a problem.
    Untitled-1.png Untitled-3.png

    But in Unity 4.6, when I disabled or moved top the GameObject, the part isn't repaired.
    So a character attached a component 'NavMeshAgent' can't go left to right.
    On the other hand, in Unity 4.5, the GameObject is repaired.

    This is the problem in Unity 4.6. It doesn't occurred under Unity 4.6. (I use Unity 4.6.3 f1 and 4.6.4 p3)
    When I tested it in Unity 4.5.5, it doesn't occurred.
    But I don't know this is a bug in Unity 4.6. If this is a bug, I'll send a bug report.


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