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Help Wanted The object is falling and rolling but not rolling to the direction I want how to fix it ?

Discussion in 'Physics' started by shamenraze1988, Jul 13, 2021.

  1. shamenraze1988


    Nov 24, 2020
    The object that fall have a Rigidbody and the Rigidbody settings are: Use Gravity true and Freeze Position only on the X.

    The object that falls also has a Sphere Collider Is Trigger false.

    The object that falls starts in a box that box has a Box Collider and the Is Trigger is to true.

    This screenshot shows the object that falls and roll settings and he is in a box I just disabled the box renderer mesh to see the object inside :

    And these are the setting for the box the object that falls and rolls is inside :

    The problems are :

    1. The object falls and when he touches the collider of the box the object starts rolling but to the far direction I want it to roll to the player to the camera direction to roll to the front but it's rolling to the far distance direction instead.

    The red arrow is the direction the object roll to its rolling to the forward direction but I want it to roll to the blue direction to the back to my direction :

    The ARROWS ARE NOT pointing up and down but forward and backward!

    2. When the object is rolling it's rolling on a small area between two positions the problem is that it's taking the object to calm down and stop rollingafter a lot of time. How can I make it calm down and stop rolling a bit faster?