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Resolved The Hub as Encountered a Critical Error [Fix]

Discussion in 'Unity Hub' started by FatihCaan, Sep 1, 2022.

  1. FatihCaan


    Apr 12, 2015

    First of all apologies if fix to this has been posted in the forums before that I couldn't find.
    That said,

    If you are having an error like this "The Hub as encountered a critical error and must close. You can report a bug using our bug reporter tool"

    and whatever you do hub just hangs in the background process.

    These happen in 3 types, all related to hub not able to access necessary files. (That I've encountered)

    1 - Non-english standard characters in file path. (Ş,İ,é,æ etc.)

    2 - File path being too long in some versions of windows or windows pcs with some custom settings (see "Windows Maximum Path Limitations" for more)

    3 - Drive letter difference. For example, If you have your project on a portable ssd like me, one day you may run your project from ssd without any problems, but another day it may give this error. That is probably
    caused by the program's inability to find the required files. (My card reader taking my ssds letter was my case)

    Problem itself not a big thing to fix but It's so sudden and seems pops out of thin air that even the first thing I had to do was read the logs, it was the last thing that came to my mind.

    Again If its posted somewhere mods can cancel the post. If not please pin it so others can see. I've had a hard time finding some answers to point me in the right direction. (READ THE LOGS)