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Resolved The Assets/Create menu

Discussion in 'Authoring Dev Blitz Day 2023' started by Baste, Jan 25, 2023.

  1. Baste


    Jan 24, 2013
    Assets/Create is an absolute and utter mess. It's grown over the years, and there's a million things there with no rhyme or reason to where they are.

    A lot of it requires better sorting, or just removal, but the real problem is that there seems to be no rules about what level of grouping should exist.

    For example, UI Toolkit has been nice and placed everything UI Toolkit related under one menu, nice:

    While both Animation and Timeline is naughty and has all their stuff on the main menu:

    Really, these should all be under "Animation" (Timeline goes under Animation, not Sequencing! Nobody will look for it under Sequencing! You messed up under Window/, don't mess up here!)

    Rendering is fun because it's a category and a header at the same time:


    I could go on. It's really hard to find things here, and we do have to scroll in the menu. Is there any plan to actually fix this? I know that it's a problem because the menu items are owned by a million different teams, but it's been bad for a very long time, so maybe it's time to bite the bullet?
  2. echu33


    Oct 30, 2020
    Second this, The create asset menu need a way of sorting, It certainly waste many many user's time just by looking for the right asset.
  3. DevDunk


    Feb 13, 2020
    Agreed, really hard to find things. Especially if some have a SRP and non SRP version which both are visible (why not put the old built in stuff in a legacy or build in drop down when using SRP?)
  4. CaseyHofland


    Mar 18, 2016
    The create asset menu could provide a new string field called "group", forcing people to have to put their stuff under a group.

    I also like this quote in particular, because it's not even "scrolling", it's awkwardly clicking on the arrow in the bottom. Making me wonder, why does this menu not have a scrollfield yet?
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  5. marius-zrelskis


    Unity Technologies

    Feb 4, 2021
    Hey @Baste, thanks for this feedback, cannot agree more that this menu item is total mess already, i think this is the first one not to fit to 4k screen already when coupled with several popular packages.
    This question is actually actively addressed, with one of the candidate order looking as in picture attached. The limiting factor at the moment is to understand if memory muscle issues are involved in this and how to it works together with different packages. Cannot make actual promises on when it going to land but hopely sooner than later.

    Attached Files:

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  6. sebastienp_unity


    Unity Technologies

    Feb 16, 2018
    Hi Baste,

    some design work has been done to implement searchable menus. That doesn't mean we shouldn't clean up the current menus.

    That said, you can always search menus using the Search Window:


    Feel free to map a shortcut to opening the Search Window in menu mode:


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  7. OBiwer


    Aug 2, 2022
    How I personally would envision the right click / create menu:

    Frame 46.png

    a little bit explanation:
    Frame 66.png

    • Context Sensitive
      • who cares about "Open Scene Additive" when you've not selected a scene.
    • Most Used Options should use the fewest clicks
    • Easy visual cues
      • categories with labels
      • some colorful elements that make it easy to identify a color with a specific menu section
    • Customizable
      • I'd like to have more control over which options should be prominent.
        Maybe I'm an artist and regularly need to create materials, shader graphs or the Animator related things.
        Maybe I'm mostly doing UI stuff and just need the UI Elements things.
      • Either way: Whats in the root level should be customizable in the Preferences. (E.g. just a list of path's (and a color) that are promoted to root level.) Everything else will be in "Other"
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