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Texture2D occupies 12 GB memory profiler

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by FlowBeatBox, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. FlowBeatBox


    Oct 31, 2018
    My team has been creating a mid-poly top-down shooter that will be released on Steam as a demo here shortly. Within the past few collabs, we've noticed that our memory usage (on three separate computers) has shot up to ~12 GB on average. We used the memory profiler, and we have noticed that our Texture2D files take up over 11.6 GB. All of the textures used in the game are below 1024x1024, so there are no 4k textures. This only takes place in one specific scene.

    Things we have tried (but have made no difference):
    - Going back to previous revisions (far as 30 collabs back)
    - Deleting everything inside of the scene (same memory usage)
    - Moving everything from the scene into a different scene
    - Changing quality settings to lowest possible
    - Deleting multiple textures from project
    - Messing with all project settings

    We are beyond confused. This sudden change in memory usage has no direct cause. Is the scene/contents therein corrupted somehow?
    We would appreciate any help.

    EDIT: For other people that experience this problem:
    I fixed this issue this morning. Firstly, I noted that all of the Texture2D instances were normal maps. I looked at all of my normal maps and noticed that they were all 2048x2048. I changed every single normal map down to 512x512 and it reduced my ram usage to ~ 1 GB. That was a tough lesson on normal maps.

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