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Question TextMeshPro Text (UI) seems to be more faded/fuzzy?

Discussion in 'Unity 6 Beta' started by matthewjd24, Sep 4, 2023.

  1. matthewjd24


    Nov 18, 2013
    I'm no expert on Unity but I figured I'd bring this up. I was making a project in 2023.2 and I was trying to figure out an issue where my small-font-size TMPro text didn't look very crisp. I ended up creating a new project in 2022.3.7f1 and I was surprised to find the same text looked sharper. I then created a new project in 2023.3.0a3, followed the same steps for putting TMPro text on the screen, and found that it does look different. Here is a comparison:


    What I did in both new projects was:
    1. Create new 2D project
    2. Add a Canvas, set render mode to Screen Space - Camera and assign the Render Camera, change Canvas Scaler to Scale with screen size and set Reference Resolution to 1920x1080
    3. Add a TextMeshPro - Text (UI) object to the canvas, set font size to 14.
    4. Build and Run (full screen mode) and screenshot the text.
    If this isn't intended I just wanted to bring this to your attention. Thank you.
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  2. Jonathan-Westfall-8Bits


    Sep 17, 2013
    Couple things to be aware of first is Text Mesh Pro in Unity 2023.2 and newer is technically no longer a thing actually.
    By this I mean the Text Mesh Pro package. There is a new version of the Unity UI package in 2023.2 and newer.

    Stable release version is Unity UI 2.0. Unity actually implemented what is called the Text Core System into the editor which is basically Text Mesh Pro merged with the Unity UI system to allow for new features, easier bug fixes, and other things. Example of a new feature is allowing Shader Graphs to create a UI Shader for Unity's UI Systems.

    You might have to uninstall the old package for Text Mesh Pro if it didn't do that for you when updating to 2023.2.
    If it did check to see that the package Unity 2.0 is installed not Unity UI 1.0.
    If both those are correctly done on upgrading to Unity new version try reimporting the TMP Resources in the updated Unity Editor so it updates the assets to match the new system.

    Third is check if you were using Text Mesh Pro 3.2 or Text Mesh Pro 4 or newer.
    Unity UI version 2.0 is basically the implementation of Text Mesh Pro 3.2.
    If you are using Text Mesh Pro 4.0 or newer try updating to Unity UI 3.0 package. This one is based on Text Mesh Pro 4 and newer.

    I believe the default font sharpness setting might have changed from Text Mesh Pro to Unity UI 2.0 which might be causing what you see.

    If you need more help just comment here I check the forums daily and I can try and help.
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