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TextMesh Pro, AR and VR controls, Package Manager, UWP and Debug issue

Discussion in 'Unity UI & TextMesh Pro' started by PanayotCankov, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. PanayotCankov


    May 28, 2018
    I have problem with TextMesh Pro, VR, Unity and UWP apps. Basically TextMesh Pro is a must have for AR and VR. Well done TMPro! So we are working on Telerik's UI for AR VR with Unity, and you can get our Build 2018 demo source code here. The controls we plan to ship will use TextMesh Pro for prefabs used to render chart labels, button labels and icons etc.

    Now following these steps on Windows PC:
    - Use Unity Hub 0.17.1 to create a new project with Unity 2018.1.4f1
    - Window > Package Manager > All > TextMesh Pro > Install 1.2.3
    - File > Build Settings > Platform - select Universal Windows Platform
    - Edit > Project Settings > Player > Other Settings > Configuration > Scripting Backend - select .NET
    - Build Settings > Debugging - check "Unity C# projects", then click "Build", create a new "UWP" folder and select it
    - Open the generated solution, try to rebuild it

    The generated "Unity.TextMeshPro.csproj" can't be built since it references the TMPro C# files as:

    <Compile Include="$(UnityProjectDir)Packages\com.unity.textmeshpro\Scripts\Runtime\TMPro_EventManager.cs">

    Now go back to the Unity editor, create new C# script and double click on it, Unity generates a solution where you can edit the scripts and debug the edit and play modes. The "Unity.TextMeshPro.csproj" files references the TMPro C# files as:

    <Compile Include="C:\Users\cankov\AppData\Local\Unity\cache\packages\\com.unity.textmeshpro@1.2.3\Scripts\Runtime\TMPro_EventManager.cs" />

    the UWP solution fails to compile while the one for the Unity editor compiles and works fairly well. So our problem is:

    How do we use "TextMesh Pro" installed with the "Package Manager" to build, deploy and debug our C# code in immersive app on a real Microsoft HoloLens device?

    IL2CPP for release is another must-have and we would be happy to use the IL2CPP backend instead the .NET one. Our demo has huge performance benefits from IL2CPP in release, but Unity seems to have managed C# debugging capabilities only for stand alone Unity players at the moment. Am I wrong?