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Discussion TerraLand 4 - Easy World Streaming & Open-World Games [Realistic, Fantasy, Stylish, Low-Poly...]

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by TerraUnity, Nov 8, 2023.

  1. TerraUnity


    Aug 3, 2012

    AssetStore Link:
    Compatible with Unity 2021.3 & up

    We made the whole process of making a huge country-sized 3D scene as a digital twin from any location on Earth into a few simple steps:

    ⚡ Select a region on map
    ⚡ Create base server with terrains
    ⚡ Add your items on world cells via EDIT mode (e.g. buildings, trees...)
    ⚡ Publish server locally/remotely
    ⚡ World is streamed for players

    So basically TerraLand 4 will make terrains as base for your open-world game or simulation as the most time-consuming process in level design pipeline.

    ✔ The Earth gave us these mountains and hills so why bother to go procedural of what's already there! ;)

    Then you can start adding your own 3D models and items on top of these terrains as world chunks and customize the scene with own style via custom materials and effects.

    ✔ Whether your art style is Realistic from a real-world location on Earth or a Stylish one with procedural terrain and content, your players will never know how it all started!

    Finally publish generated huge scene environment in a server and your players can navigate around the scene (walk, drive, fly, teleport...) while world chunks are streaming from your published server locally or remotely.

    ✔ TL4 streaming system is fast, flexible & highly performant, thanks to Addressables' multi-threaded content delivery

    Download, Play & Test CLOUD STREAMING in TerraLand 4
    Kagoshima 2178: Galactic Nexus Download and Play






    TerraLand 4 is the successor of TerraLand 3 with thousands of indie and enterprise clients all around the world who seek for a fast and easy-to-use solution to stream huge and country-size real-world datasets of 3D scenes in Unity and customize world chunks in a server to publish your game and 3D simulations as an interactive digital twin on any desired platforms.

    It is the only solution in Unity to convert real-world GIS data into 3D intractable scenes within a few clicks as the base for your beautiful worlds in any style such as realistic, fantasy, stylish, low-poly, toon and etc. so that you can bring in your own logic and ideas for your game and simulation on top of the streaming world tiles.

    When you have the base server with terrains generated by gathering real-world data from ESRI servers, you can enter the EDIT mode, load certain world chunks from the server in Unity editor and start customizing world cells by placing items on them (e.g. place trees, buildings...), changing mood, style, post processing and... to finally publish your server locally or on cloud so that everyone can play it from home.

    The "Kagoshima 2178: Galactic Nexus" demo's server has been created to work on a remote location on our cloud host and world chunks will be intelligently and automatically streamed on demand when you play it.

    But TL4 is not only aimed for real-world scenes but through its flexible settings, you can pick up a location on Earth and then give it your own desired style and artistic mood by setting up custom materials and post-processing effects for all 3D objects in scenes including TL4 created terrains and all placed models in the world scene.

    ⚡ TerraLand 4 Is Made For?

    Anyone from indie solo developers to big enterprise companies who wants to make high quality games or 3D simulations based on their concept and ideas, without worrying about handling big open-world scenes in Unity.

    Having TerraLand 4 in place, we will end up with a highly detailed and accurate digital twin model of any city/country on Earth using available real-world data via advanced AI processing on cloud where it contains terrain surfaces, satellite images, 3D buildings & road system, nature elements, weather system, rendering style and possibly any type of modifications for a realistic or stylish scene.

    Achieved environments and implemented solutions can be used in various platforms of AR, VR, MR, Desktop, console and etc. through various fields of gaming, navigation, mapping & GPS tracking, geology, flood control system, autonomous vehicle simulation, ML training, military training, municipality, real estate, tourism, agriculture, public transportation, educational, flight simulator, maritime, aerospace and etc.

    Fantasy & Stylish Game Worlds

    Photo-Realistic Digital Twins

    Metaverse Projects & Multi-Platform

    Technical Details

    The heart of TerraLand 4 lies within its advanced streaming system with quality and performance in mind using Unity's Addressables system to load world items on demand and built game is suitable for any devices ranging from low-end like cellphones to high-end ones on desktop PCs and consoles thanks to the multi-threaded structure of the system to maintain a smooth FPS while in game.

    Team members can load and edit world chunks locally from the created server in parallel at anytime and setup projects' git in order to design the gameplay scenario and create levels by game designers and level designers during the development stages and upload the changes back into the created server by TL4 so that all developers are in sync.

    Finally, when the scene is ready and you are happy to release, you just need to build your scenes as you normally would in Unity and generated server will be automatically connected to the scene to feed world cells.

    Generated servers using TL4 can be distributed locally on your hard drive or distributed on cloud so that all players can stream your world content by having the built application.

    Another great feature in TL4, is the "WMS Tiles" feature which makes the world cells 1:1 with all WMS geo-spatial servers meaning each generated tile in TL4 server has the exact coordinates and size as connected WMS tile server (e.g. OSM's 3D building server, Google 3D Tiles server, ESRI's landcover server and etc.).

    The streamer component in TL4 which manages streaming of world tiles based on player position, comes with its layer system where you can give specific items and models certain Unity layers and give them arbitrary settings as the following example:

    Ex. Place building models in scene with "Building" layer set for them and place vegetation models with "Tree" layer so that you can set different loading distance while streaming in runtime by setting 4000 meters for "Building" layer and 1500 meters for "Tree" layer. This opens up more design flexibility and performance control over your game.

    Please note that there may be some lags or stutters when server tiles are loading inside Unity editor but built games and apps will provide you a highly performant experience.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2023
  2. TerraUnity


    Aug 3, 2012

    Free Game Powered By TerraLand 4

    Kagoshima 2178: Galactic Nexus Download and Play
  3. TerraUnity


    Aug 3, 2012
    Here is the list of current TERRA products' prices, discounts and deals for TerraLand 4:

    Since Unity told us that the 50% Launch Discount for TerraLand 4 cannot be retrieved (which is lame), we changed all upgrade paths between all TERRA products and TerraLand 4 set to 50% for 2 weeks from Today so that it will bring smoother transitions for our current users while we couldn't change the original price due to this glitch!

    TerraLand 3 users still receive 60% discount transitioning to TerraLand 4.

    TerraLand 3 -> TerraLand 4: 60% discount : $59.99
    TerraWorld 2023 -> TerraLand 4: 40% 50% discount : $89.99 $74.99
    TerraWorld 2021 -> TerraLand 4: 25% 50% discount : $112.5 $74.99

  4. TerraUnity


    Aug 3, 2012
    To give back all the support and kindness we received from our community...

    For the ones who does not own any TERRA assets to be part of Upgrade Path discounts between our products, if you buy TerraLand 4 directly from our website, the price will be $75 with 50% discount on the original price of $149.99 for 2 weeks starting from 15th November 2023 to 30th November 2023.

    Buy TerraLand 4 from our webstore:

    This is in combination of AssetStore’s 50% Launch Discount which didn’t get applied on release and here is the way to resolve the glitch on behalf of Unity as stated here:

    If you already own one of our assets, then simply use AssetStore to purchase TerraLand 4 with automatic discounts in place based on purchase history.

    Enjoy :cool:
  5. TerraUnity


    Aug 3, 2012
    Streaming The World During Runtime in Unity (Kagoshima 2178 Demo Scene Breakdown and Features)

  6. buFFalo94


    Sep 14, 2015
    Hi @TerraUnity
    I currently own a copy of TerraLand 3 and I'm planning on upgrading to ver. 4 I just have few general questions :
    1. Can I have multiple local servers for different locations if so, how the streaming system handle such case
    2. The end goal is to have most of the land parts for each continent. Do you think that it's actually feasible ?
    3. I'm also wondering how much disk space will be taken
    Can you please guide for this process
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  7. TerraUnity


    Aug 3, 2012
    Hi @buFFalo94 Sorry for the late reply!

    Following our conversations on Discord regarding your questions, Gerhard from our community has provided some resources for such scenario.

    Here is the implementation in action:

    Attached is the source codes for the above implementation to test out.

    Attached Files:

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