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Terrain Terrain Tools 3.0.2-preview.3 release is now available!

Discussion in 'World Building' started by wyattt_, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. wyattt_


    Unity Technologies

    May 9, 2018
    Hello Everyone!

    We have new releases of the Terrain Tools package for you. These are largely bug fix releases as we've been focused on stabilizing features and cleaning up workflows and are intended for versions of the Editor that are 2019.4 and above.

    A reminder: the API is still in flux while the package is in preview, so things that are available currently may not be there in the future or may change. If you have written custom filters or inherited from any of the TerrainPaintTools that ship with the package, they may have broken with these releases.

    One of the new things that was added in the 3.0.2-preview.2 release was Editor Analytics integration. We are using this to collect information about which brushes and filters are being used, and which defaults are getting modified so that we can focus future development. No personal information is being collected, and you can always opt out of Editor analytics through the preferences.

    As always, we love your feedback so please continue to send that our way. Any bugs that you find, workflow improvement suggestions, and questions about features are most welcome!


    [3.0.2-preview.3] - 2020-11-04
    • Fixed regression with SetHeight Flatten Tile option
    • Fixed brush mask filters with SetHeight painting
    [3.0.2-preview.2] - 2020-11-02
    • Editor Analytics integration.
    • Fallback shader to the HDRP Visualization shader.
    • PNG/TGA heightmaps support level remapping and vertical flipping.
    • Create New Terrain supports heightmaps in Texture2D format.
    • Changed the package name that's used to get core Universal Render Pipeline (URP) HLSL code from Lightweight to Universal.
    • Added missing Terrain visualization settings.
    • Removed Filter Stack Image assets.
    • Changed Base Map Maximum Distance to 20000 to match the range in the Terrain Inspector.
    • Terrain Toolbox splatmap modifications are now applied to Terrain only after you click Apply To Terrain in the Terrain Toolbox.
    • Brush sizes are clamped to a maximum based on texture size. (1276290)
    • Clone tool correctly blends heightmap.
    • Clone tool clones alphamaps as well as height.
    • Clone tool correctly maintains clone position when you rotate the Scene Camera or click on the UI.
    • Corrected Smooth tool behavior when you paint near the edges of Terrain tiles so that it produces less discontinuities. (1186005)
    • Removed artifacts that occurred when you used the Twist Brush. (1276448)
    • Added support for Brush Mask Filters to the Wind Erosion tool.
    • Corrected blending when you apply splatmaps from the Terrain Toolbox.
    • Fixed error thrown when you highlight a splatmap in the Terrain Toolbox.
    • Fixed Undo/Redo functions after you apply a splatmap to a Terrain from the Terrain Toolbox.
    • Fixed error thrown when you export a splatmap to a Terrain without selecting a Terrain. (1240314)
    • Fixed Flip Adjustment on splatmap. (1276204)
    • Corrected heightmap when you create Terrain using a RAW file type in the Terrain Toolbox.
    • Fixed Flip Axis when you use Import Heightmap to create Terrain.
    • Heightmaps can be exported in 8-bit mode from the Terrain Toolbox. (1276244)
    • Terrain Toolbox heightmap export properly remaps levels.
    Noise Editor
    • Noise Editor displays correctly when you use the Personal (light) theme.
    • Noise shader import works correctly on Linux. (1188556)
    • You can now open only one Export Noise window at a time. (1269540)
    • Removed non-functional normalize option from the Export Noise UI.
    • Unique asset path is generated when you export noise.
    • Removed shader warnings from noise shaders.
    Terrain Splitting
    • Details and Trees are preserved when you split Terrain in the Terrain Toolbox. (1248489)
    • Splitting Terrain with resolution of 33x33 warns the user and allows for an alternate split mode. (1276273)
    • Scenes now don't automatically save when you split Terrain in the Terrain Toolbox.
    Additional Fixes
    • Editing the Remap Curve in the Image Filter Stack no longer throws error. (1254251)
    • Reverting to values in a Terrain preset now correctly reverts to saved values.
    • Base texture size now appears correctly in the Terrain Inspector drop-down menu for Terrains you create with the Terrain Toolbox.
    • Fixed toggle button behavior in the Terrain Toolbox, Brushes, and Brush Mask Filters.
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