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Question Sync Layers in Sub State Machines

Discussion in 'Animation' started by sysfian, Sep 27, 2023.

  1. sysfian


    Jun 4, 2021
    I'm trial and erroring some animation controls and hit a bit of a snag trying to add a synchronized layer to a state machine with nested sub state machines. All I've been able to find are references to either layers or sub state machines, but nothing addressing my problem.

    Here's some screen shots to better explain the situation:
    Base layout, both Normal and Injured layers have the same contents

    The problem comes when you go down one state machine level. Both layers have the same ui elements on the grid:

    But the injured layer's motions are empty (Standing selected in both screenshots, above selection shows the Standing blend tree as the motion, but that motion is None below)

    Maybe layers only go one state machine deep, but i don't see a way to add layers by sub state machines. And all the googling brings up info on either/or, not combined.

    Hopefully there's something simple I'm missing and I can keep this pattern.

    Thanks in advance,