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Games SupremaShip - Team up with your allies and shoot those red shiny things!

Discussion in 'Projects In Progress' started by LevyMarCiS, Nov 6, 2020.

  1. LevyMarCiS


    Sep 24, 2018
    Help your allies destroy the enemy mothership in SupremaShip

    A game about teamwork and shooting a lot of shiny red things.
    In SupremaShip...

    You can be one of 7 ships with their own unique abilities... if you're skilled enough

    You can fire big fat nukes... when you have them

    You can enjoy slllooooowww mmmoootioonnnn

    You can choose one of 3 formations at any time

    You can reorganize your allies in a formation... when you deserve

    You can ask them to shoot a ship with a giant shield that reflects bullets and shoots TWO lasers... when you deserve

    And more to come!

    It's a single-player 2D top-down space shooter with emphasis on teamwork, meaning you won't be able to beat it on your own.

    Currently only available on Windows.

    You can playtest it at:

    You can join the Discord for live updates on dev related stuff:
  2. LevyMarCiS


    Sep 24, 2018
    Original post:

    SupremaShip can finally be beaten!

    How? One of the motherships has to be destroyed.


    - Lose, win and true ending can be triggered. The true ending is unfinished, however...
    - Synergy bonus, ally ships have their stats improved the more allies are closer to them
    - Better fonts, not final, though
    - Nukes explode without damaging anything if their owner dies
    - Nuke notifiers are the color of the nuke they belong to

    - AI ships react to nuke explosions

    - Nuke explosions now have a shockwave
    - Nukes kill you more slowly
    - Different explosions have different knockback forces
    - Leveling up creates a shockwave

    - Ships can only be stunned for a certain ammount of time, instead of being stunned based on their angular velocity
    - Calling for help when an enemy attacks you now works as intented. AI does this as well

    - AI attacks the mothership as intended... almost
    - Added "spaceshipwrecks"

    - Chromatic aberration toggle in the Display settings menu
    - FPS toggle, click on it whenever the game is on the main menu or paused
    - Auto upgrade toggle

    - Afterlife camera tracking

    - Laser hits friendly mines

    - Laser ricochets off of shields

    - Missiles ricochet off of shields

    - The Healer can be fully healed by a health powerup
    - You can respawn as any ship when the difficulty is high enough
    - Improved XP system, it takes more XP the higher your honor
    - Honor 3 SupremaShips have a special sprite combination

    - Iterated on powerup drops
    - Iterated on the game's difficulty
    - Iterated on the game's UI
    - Improved XP orb behavior

    - Improved camera shake
    - Improved sound design
    - Improved slow motion handling
    - Improved the way the Lev-Y uses its special ability

    - Decreased the Bomber's bomb defusing time
    - Decreased frequency in which Scouts use their special ability


    - True ending
    - Better menus
    - Better music
    - In-game tutorial
    - Intro cutscene
    - Credits
    - Statistics
    - Contact
    - Achievements
    - More screen resolutions

    Playtest it at:

    Hope you like it! :)