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[SUPER TERRAIN COLLECTION] 120+ Professionally Sculpted Terrains! (Released)

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by drw58, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. drw58


    Jul 28, 2014
    *Sorry, looks like I posted to the wrong forum. I meant to post it in the "Asset Store" forum instead. Mods, feel free to delete this as I will be duplicating this in the proper forum instead.*

    Hi everyone,

    During the course of developing several mega RPGs, we have created hundreds of landscapes and terrains. Due to us constantly editing scenes around, we frequently had to replace terrains with different designs to complement our story. The result? Hundreds of carefully sculpted terrains that will no longer be used in our games but hopefully will make someone else's game look beautiful and professional. Each terrain has been re-touched, re-sculpted, and enhanced for the Unity Asset Store.

    I give you...

    All the pre-made terrains you will ever need!
    Rapidly create beautiful scenes with terrains for any situation.

    (scroll down for screenshots and video)

    ASSET STORE LINK:!/content/22014

    This is a growing collection of more than 120 pre-sculpted terrains exclusively for Unity, with a focus on rapid development and versatility. It aids you in quickly creating high quality environments with professionally sculpted terrain. As a free bonus, several sample pre-made scenes and pre-painted terrains are included. Additionally, the 35+ page included manual lets you easily search for the terrain you want.

    We decided to release this for anyone who wants to rapidly insert professional terrains into their scenes, rapidly create beautiful prototypes or want fast access to detailed terrain without expensive software or hire developers to spend hours modeling landscapes for their games.

    Please scroll down and read everything before buying.

    As a continuously growing collection, future updates to this package to existing customers are free, while future prices are sure to increase.

    Grab this at the current introductory promotional price ($10) while you still can!

    What This Package Contains:

    - 120 Terrains, Professionally Pre-Sculpted and Unpainted; Uses Unity's Terrain object which allows for easy customization
    - 10+ FREE Bonus Pre-painted Terrains using only the free foliage/textures from Unity
    - 5 FREE Bonus Ready-to-use Scenes using the pre-painted terrains
    - 35+ Page Manual with screenshots for all 120+ terrains allowing fast searches

    PLEASE READ Before Purchasing:
    - The terrains are all Unity terrains, so they are not separate meshes. This allows easy editing with terrain tools. But this means you will not be able to rotate the terrains until Unity allows you to do so one day.
    - Heightmaps are not included, but can be extracted using Unity's terrain tools (Export Heightmap)
    - The terrains are mostly tilable, especially in the Islands category.
    - If, by small chance, a terrain you want isn't completely tilable with another, you can simply smooth down the edges using the terrain tools.
    - The free bonus scenes and pre-painted terrains do not come with custom textures, but use Unity's provided free foliage/textures (included in package). This is to demonstrate how professional looking scenes can be made using our terrains with only freely provided assets and Indie version.

    Please make sure that your existing terrains do not have name conflicts! Or the new terrains will overwrite your existing ones.
    All terrains are named as "ST_###" such as "ST_001" or "ST_115". Prepainted terrains are all named like "demo_ST_##" or "demo_ST_002"

    Create a new blank project and import the package into it. Open the manual and find the terrain you like. Then simply copy and paste the terrain.asset file into your actual project and drag/drop into your scene.



    ASSET STORE LINK:!/content/22014

    Last edited: Sep 26, 2014
  2. Thomas-Pasieka



    Sep 19, 2005
    This clearly does not belong in the "Showcase" section. Moved to "Assets & Asset Store".