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super sonic mu

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by coffin09, May 5, 2012.

  1. coffin09


    May 5, 2012

    SuperSonic MUOnline
    Version: Season V Episode IV
    Experience: 9999x
    Drop Rate: 100%
    Bless bug: Off
    Max LVL: 400
    MonsterHp: 100%
    Max Stats: 32767
    Points Per Level: 5/7/7
    Guild Create Level: 200
    Character Reset Level: 400
    Grand Reset :300 Reset
    Reward for Grand Reset: 5,000,000 Gold Credits
    Jewel of Soul success rate: 100% (+luck = 100%)
    Jewel of Life success rate: 100%

    Chaos Machine

    Chaos Success Rate Level +10 = 80%
    Chaos Success Rate Level +11 = 80%
    Chaos Success Rate Level +12 = 80%
    Chaos Success Rate Level +13 = 80%
    Chaos Success Rate Level +14 = 80%
    Chaos Success Rate Level +15 = 80%
    Wings Mix LVL 1 Rate: 75%
    Wings Mix LVL 2 Rate: 60%
    Wings Mix LVL 3 Rate: 60%
    In Game Commands

    Add Agility: /addagi
    Add Strength: /addstr
    Add Vitality: /addvit
    Add Energy: /addene
    Add Commands: /addcom
    Send Public Message /post
    Clear PK Status: /pkclear
    Reset character: /reset
    Check Online Info: /online
    Free zen: /zen

    Specs of the Server
    Intel Xeon i7 W3520
    4x2(HT)x2.66+ GHz
    8 Mb L2 - QPI 4.8 GT/sec
    Virtualisation: VT Instructions
    Turbo Boost Technology @ 2.93GHz

    Ram :
    24 GB RAM DDR3

    240 HDD SSD DRIVES ( 10x Faster than Normal HDD)

    1000 Mbps Network Uplink ( Dedicated Connection )
    DDOS Protection up to 1GBPS

    France ( OVH )

    Server Files Information:

    Developer : MUEngine Professional Files Developer

    AntiCheat: MuGuard Premium Anti Cheat System

    Main : Vcorp Main Custom loop 512 system ( For custom Items )

    Website/Webshop : DMN Professional MuOnline Website Developer ( License

    CMS / Webshop )

    For More Info Contact SuperSonic Administrator
    Skype: gideon_raj

  2. glom1envisage0


    Apr 3, 2011
    I guess there's no other replies because you've left them speechless. Looks great. I didn't play it because I'm not a fan of the genre but based on the number of players signed up, it must be pretty fun. The website is very professional also.