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Suggestion: package compatibility matrix

Discussion in 'Documentation' started by rgbauv, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. rgbauv


    Jan 13, 2016
    (TLDR: Add docs page showing Unity / packages compatibility matrix)

    It would be great if Unity had a central docs page to streamline
    checking which packages / versions were compatible
    (or otherwise) with other packages / versions. Also the
    currently recommended versions for each Unity version.

    Real-life example question:

    "Does the new Input System work with XR Interaction Toolkit?"​

    [today's hard-to-find answer for hapless future searchers who
    end up here]

    Ideally I'd like to head to a landing page and quickly click through
    some sorted lists / smart menus (Unity version, 2 x package

    Unity 2019.4.1f1 > Input System > XR Interaction Toolkit​

    then see a table of package versions (Input System rows,
    XR Interaction Toolkit columns) with entries in the table
    indicating "recommended for new projects", "verified",
    "preview" and "incompatible".

    At the moment I need to trawl through package docs (multiple
    versions), forum posts, blogs, videos, etc. Failing that, set up a
    test project and play import roulette in the package manager.
    Or worse, deal with mysterious project build errors if package
    dependencies don't catch incompatibilities.

    Helpful extra features to add:

    Each package version combination in the table has a
    count of open issues (stability indicator). The count
    links to the corresponding results page in the issues

    Each compatible version combo has a link that jumps to
    sample / test code, enabling quickstart best-practice coding.​

    I'm guessing Unity has a package release process that can "help"
    package maintainers (firmly checkpoint?) keep their compatibility
    resources up to date.