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Strange rendering issue in game Dx11 (two monitors, different refreshrates)

Discussion in 'Windows' started by KustomVox, Dec 24, 2019.

  1. KustomVox


    Dec 24, 2019
    Just to be clear: I am not a developer and am mainly posting to make people aware of this issue. This issue is present when running a unity game using Dx11 (namely Clone Hero, however, this issue is present in "some other unity games" according to one of the admins of the Clone Hero discord).

    The issue is as follows: When running the game in Dx11, if the computer is connected to two monitors with different refresh rates, there will be a rendering issue, causing the game to look like it is running at around 15-20 fps, when in fact the game is recording many hundreds, and RivaTuner reports the 0.1% lows being very high as well. For some other people, however, they reported the game just looking like it is stuttering a lot, without any performance issues being recorded via RivaTuner.

    The issue is not present in OpenGL.

    The admin also stated "It's a unity flaw and the devs of the game can't really do anything about it", which is why I wanted to make others aware of this issue, as I am sure that, if fixed, multiple games will benefit, and less unnecessary debugging will have to be done by developers