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Question Strange interpolating behavior when using "AnimationClip.EnsureQuaternionContinuity"

Discussion in 'Animation' started by hwubh, Feb 11, 2023.

  1. hwubh


    Feb 11, 2023
    These days I am trying to develope a simple 3D animation software based Unity. But when I am converting imported animation file into an animationclip, something strange happens once I use "AnimationClip.EnsureQuaternionContinuity" to ensure a better interpolation. It seems it will smooth all curve segments and generate the same curve regardless of the in/out tangent and weight of keyframes. The attached pictures shows a curve if the function is applied or not.

    (P1: Use "AnimationClip.EnsureQuaternionContinuity")

    (P1: Not use "AnimationClip.EnsureQuaternionContinuity")


    If anyone knows how the "AnimationClip.EnsureQuaternionContinuity" work? Thank all you guys for your time and helps.