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Question Strange happening with webgl game and hosting services

Discussion in 'Web' started by slaga, Nov 30, 2020.

  1. slaga


    Dec 3, 2018
    i though id ask here in case anyone has a clue on whats going on!so i was using a free hosting service to host my games for some time and everything worked great. i was using 000webhost in particular. Yesterday i upgraded to hostinger so i could be at more ease and have more controll. the thing is, i have this game in particular that ONLY gives errors when i try to play in inside facebooks browser ( messenger ) , be it a browser in mobile/desktop it works fine. the technicians at hostinger dont know whats going on and are still looking for solutions. The really strange thing is that in 000webhost , which is theirs , i have no issues at all . the errors i get are in the picture attached.

    now this is the paid premium hosting with a subdomain.
    and this is the free hosting service that works without any issues

    at the moment i redirect from hostinger paid hosting to the free one which is insane! using uni 2020.1.4f1
    im kinda lost and dont know what to do. has anyone ever been in the same place? Screenshot_20201130-235619_Messenger.jpg