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Help Wanted SteamVR controller tracking without VR render

Discussion in 'VR' started by Ackanir, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. Ackanir


    Mar 4, 2020
    I am creating an augmented reality project with 3D tracking. I am using an HTC Vive with latest version of Unity & SteamVR.

    My goal is to use one controller to have its position, and render a scene in 2D for an external monitor. So I need to unplug the headset HDMI cable to plug the external monitor. Unfortunately I can't manage to it. When HMD cable is unplugged, the whole scene slows down (<10 fps).

    Here is what I tried to get only controllers position without VR render:
    • Using the "Camera rig" prefab, disabling "Camera" to use my own separate camera
    • Disassemble prefab and use "Controller (left)" alone
      But in both case it looks like SteamVR initializes, and tries to render the game for the HMD.
    • Changing SteamVR settings (similar tutorials) to use null driver and disable HMD.
      But as far as I understand, the HMD is used for the controller communication. And I don't really need to get rid of it, just to put it aside and disable SteamVR render.

    Is there any way to track a controller position and disable any other VR related code ?
    (display, head tracking, ...)

    Please do not hesitate if you have any idea on what I can try. I have been trying different things since Monday with no luck and can't find anything similar on the Internet...
    Thanks !