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Games [Steam Early Access] The Dealer is available now!

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by ColonelKurt, Nov 7, 2020.

  1. ColonelKurt


    Jun 15, 2020

    Hey, guys! My game, The Dealer, is available now in Steam Early Access!
    It's a dialogue driven game that takes place in the fictional version of the United States, set against catastrophic economic and political situation, and looming civil war. You play as a street dealer in the most troubled city of the country. To survive, you have to sell everything you can get and face hard moral decisions.

    You can find a detailed description, trailer and more screenshots on its Steam page, check it out:

    Some screenshots:

    Last edited: Nov 9, 2020
  2. ColonelKurt


    Jun 15, 2020

    Hey, guys! Update 2 is available now! The goal of this update was to make the game more intuitive based on the early feedback, make some game mechanics clearer to players, fix/rewrite stuff here and there, and also add new things along the way.

    Full list of changes and additions:
    - New item - cola.
    - Some new customer clothes.
    - Fixed soap image.
    - Flyer image is replaced with a higher resolution version.
    - Extended Lenny's speech in the opening of Story Mode.
    - Additional notes in Story Mode and Tutorial to clarify how police works in the game.
    - You can now start a new game right at the end of Tutorial.
    - Inventory and Reference Book icons are now highlighted in Tutorial when you need to click on them.
    - Additional Reference Book page about the cross icon which appears right before any dialogue with a customer to notify a player when he can't interact with Lenny, trash cans and newspaper.
    - Rewrites in Reference Book descriptions.
    - More visible highlight on Inventory and Reference Book icons and UI buttons when you hover over them.
    - Some visual updates, particularly on TV buttons and some customer clothes.
    - Some new customer lines.
    - "harvested ballots" item is removed from Survival Mode because it takes place in 2019, a year before the election.
    - A very slight pause was added at the end of each dialogue with customers to make the transition from customer's last dialogue line to him leaving you smoother.
    - Now Lenny's UI shows up instantly when Lenny doesn't have any news.

    The game is available on both Steam and

    I hope you'll enjoy your first stay in Winterfield! More to come.
  3. ColonelKurt


    Jun 15, 2020

    Hey, guys! 20% Christmas discount and Update 3, part 1 are available now! Check it out!

    I'm currently working on a massive Update 3 which will include a lot changes and new content, and will be released sometime next month. Part 1 includes mostly visual touch-ups which I felt were important for overall presentation, particularly:
    - Fonts in Main Menu, Reference Book and Notes UI are replaced with high resolution versions. Initially I was going for more pixelated look of some UI text, but I felt it didn't work and it just bugged me all the time, so new fonts should be more fitting to the game and pleasing to the eye.
    - 'Ponvision' logo and text under buttons on TV UI are replaced with high resolution versions.
    - "Motivational" poster in player's appartment is replaced with a higher resolution version.
    - New street poster in Survival Mode.
    - Main Menu frame is removed.
    - Different small fixes here and there.

    Full version of Update 3 will include:
    - New opening in Story Mode.
    - Overhauled Tutorial.
    - Extended gameplay.
    - Separate inventory slot or two for quest items.
    - Visual and audio improvements.
    - New clothes and character details.
    - New items.
    - Extended dialogue lines.
    - Improved UI.
    - Different fixes here and there.
    and more.

    Stay tuned and I hope you'll enjoy your first stay in Winterfield!