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Official START HERE: New to Unity? New to this forum?

Discussion in 'Virtual Production' started by marc_tanenbaum, May 17, 2021.

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  1. marc_tanenbaum


    Unity Technologies

    Oct 22, 2014

    This forum discusses Unity Editor tools for Virtual Production. Use it to learn about the products, ask questions to the community, report bugs, and give feedback.

    Getting started with Unity

    If you're new to Unity, the very first thing you'll want to do is create a Unity ID and then download the Unity Hub. You can go to our Unity Learn pages for lots of free content on how to use Unity. A course of particular interest might be Real-time Animated Storytelling.

    Available Virtual Production packages and apps

    Here is the list of all Unity Virtual Production packages and apps currently available, with their descriptions, their release/open source status, and links to get started with them.

    Live Capture (Released package and apps + Open source)
    • Capture data from physical devices to animate characters and cameras in real time within the Unity Editor.
    • Genlock and synchronize all connected devices to get frame and timecode accuracy across the captured dataset.
    • Record multiple takes of the animations and iterate on them to fine-tune the recording of specific properties.
    Virtual Camera app (iOS) (See Live Capture)

    Drive a Unity camera in real time through an iOS mobile device to achieve a handheld look-and-feel and record camera motion and physical property animations. (Requires the Live Capture package.)

    Face Capture app (iOS) (See Live Capture)

    Capture facial expressions and head angle through an iOS mobile device to apply them in real time on a digital character within the Unity Editor and record them as animations. (Requires the Live Capture package.)

    Live Capture stYpe (Open source)

    Capture data from camera tracking devices that support the stYpe protocol. (Requires the Live Capture package.)

    Blackmagic Video (Open source)

    Enable professional video input/output in the Unity Editor through hardware cameras and displays compatible with Blackmagic Decklink video cards.​

    Keyer (Open source)

    Create an opacity mask to composite a Unity Scene with real-time or recorded action filmed against a green screen.​

    OSC Protocol Support (Open source)

    Send and receive Open Sound Control (OSC) messages between the Unity Editor and external OSC capable devices across your virtual production stage.​

    Cluster Display (Open source)

    Display synchronously the same Unity Scene across multiple machines through display clustering.​

    Cinematic Studio tools and sample (Released packages)

    The essentials among existing Unity Editor packages to help you create films, TV shows, and other animated linear content:
    • Organize, assemble, edit and swap your assets in a structured sequence hierarchy.
    • Automate complex camera movements and camera shot transitions.
    • Export data for round-trip processing and editorial reviews, and output your final cut.
    • Work with common film industry formats.
    A Cinematic Studio Template (with sample) is also available in Unity 2021.2 via Unity Hub.​

    Additional resources

    Find lots of tools and content for film, television and animation creators on our Asset Store page.
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