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Bug Sprite pivot point not accounted for in Tiny.2D "CullRenderer2D" job

Discussion in 'Project Tiny' started by james0x0A, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. james0x0A


    Jul 18, 2013
    In the "CullRenderer2D" job called in Unity.Tiny.RenderNodeSystem contained in the Unity.Tiny.2D assembly there is a check against the Renderer2D bounds. LocalToWorld.Position is used directly to represent the center of the bounds in world space without accounting for the bounds local offset. This causes incorrect culling behavior when sprites have non-centered pivots. Sprites are sometimes culled at the edge of the view before they have fully left the view or are not culled even when fully outside the view.

    Version: Tiny 0.32.0, Entities 0.17.0 on Unity 2020.1.17f1
  2. Ted_Wikman


    Unity Technologies

    Oct 7, 2019