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Sprite Editor UI has problems - feedback

Discussion in '2D' started by varfare, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. varfare


    Feb 12, 2013
    I am constantly running into two major issues while using Sprite Editor. There issues are really easy to fix and, if fixed, would improve the usability by a factor of 10. Hopefully someone from 2D staff can read this and elaborate.

    1. Sprite islands, physics shape and custom outline bounds are just invisible​

    I am using free version of Unity meaning that I have Light theme and my monitor has 2k resolution. Can you see lines on the screenshot above? I most certainly can't even though I know they do exist! These lines have the same style for all types of outlines (physics shape, custom outline etc). Very often I will click somewhere creating a new shape somewhere without me knowing it simply because these lines are hardly visible at all.
    The situation is even worse if the colour of the sprite is very similar to the colour of the line.

    2. "Revert/Apply" buttons are in the most awkward location. Why would anyone put them there? They are hard to find and they look like some kind of minor feature not really related to current sprite editing. You can also click "Apply" even if you have made no changes at all. This, from the user perspective, looks like the feature is broken and you don't know if Unity actually saved you changes as there is no indication of that on the UI.

    3. There is no "inspector" for currently selected shape. What we have is a floating box which disappears if nothing is selected. This is the most confusing for new users as it doesn't really suggest that you should select something first to see available options. Imagine that the whole Inspector in Unity only appears if you selected a gameobject. This would be mind boggling and not really useful.

    There are few things that should happen here:

    1. Make lines at least 2px wide
    2. Lines should drop shadow (so they would appear no matter what the colour of the sprite is)
    3. Add a list of all shapes created in the current mode. Currently I have no idea how many shapes are there and where they are unless I select them. This is horrible for debugging. Pretty much there should be something like Hierarchy view with all shapes listed there
    4. Move the floating panel into something that resembles Inspector and move apply/revert buttons there
    5. Gray-out "Apply" button if no changes were made.

    I made a quick sketch of how this could look like.
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  2. eses


    Feb 26, 2013
  3. varfare


    Feb 12, 2013
    I will do it for sure although my experience with that site is rather poor - it rarely gets looked at. Sorry for being sceptical but I've been using Unity since 2012 and none of my feedback tickets or bug reports was ever looked at. I am getting better results when I am posting on forums.
  4. ColossalPaul


    Unity Technologies

    May 1, 2013
    I've submitted your ideas into our internal feedback database. Thanks for this. We will look into it for sure!
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