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Feedback SpLit: A Psychological Horror/Strategy Game Concept

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by GoldenB4r, Apr 5, 2020.

  1. GoldenB4r


    Apr 5, 2020
    I came up with an idea for an indie horror game, and I’d appreciate your opinions on it. The title, “SpLit” is a placeholder name as the finished product’s title will be much different. I hope you like it!

    So the premise of the game is that you’re a patient at a psychiatric hospital. The game is played in first-person, though you’ll be able to see the pair of hands that you control.

    Your goal is to sneak out of the building, but there’s a handicap— the player is in the middle of a psychotic episode, which may include sinister voices in the background constantly insulting the player, hallucinations, and delusions that cause the room to distort (which would distort the controls, making it difficult for the player to move properly). This will make the gameplay experience really spoopy. You will be solving puzzles to gain access to certain rooms or obtain certain items that you need.

    By the way, there will be two types of hallucinations: good and bad. The “good” hallucinations help the player by offering tips/hints. The “bad” ones are jumpscares, which make the player breathe heavier (this makes noise, which may give away your location.) The type of hallucination the player will be seeing depends on their “Awareness” level, which will be represented by a percentage at the corner of the screen. If it’s higher than 50%, you’ll have the good hallucinations that won’t alter the gameplay at all.

    The episode will be relatively mild in the beginning, and the aforementioned symptoms will only be triggered if the player’s “Awareness” level decreases below a certain level. The lower the “Awareness”, the worse the symptoms become. This makes gameplay more difficult for the player.

    You will be dodging the evil psychiatrist, the enemy in the game. She left “traps” which are all in the form of expired prescription medication, and these traps hinder your movement in some way. For example: Accidentally touching Green Pills would put the player in a “depressed” state, which renders the player frozen for ten seconds.

    When the psychiatrist catches you, you spawn back in the room where you’ve started. Each time you get caught by the psychiatrist, it becomes progressively more difficult for you to leave your room. If you get caught by the psychiatrist too many times, it’s Game Over. There will be collectibles in the game too!

    This is all just a rough draft for now. I want to create this game to educate people about mental health disorders by making it as realistic as I possibly can. Please let me know what you think of my idea. All critique is welcome!