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Bug Specific animation increases model size when child object to a scaled parent

Discussion in 'Animation' started by OliverTheLove, Jan 31, 2023.

  1. OliverTheLove


    Jun 26, 2016
    I created a new animation which isn't behaving correctly with my model. Everything works fine when the scale of the object is 1. But if I have the same object, and increase any of the scales, something goes wrong. The animation doesn't need to play, it just needs to exist in the Animator.

    I currently have it set up that the Main GameObject, Boss, has scale 1. It hold the Animator along with other scripts.
    The Body is a transform with scale 3 that holds a collider.
    CH_PL_Gnome_01 is the SkinnedMeshRenderer with a scale of 1, as well as the bones starting from Hips with a scale of 1 as well.

    So if Body has scale 1, everything is fine, but if I change the scale to lower or greater value, the model somehow multiplies in with that scale when I enter play mode.
    In the picture below, the left one is before entering play, the right one is when I start playing in editor.

    I'm assuing I've done something wrong with my export from Blender, but I am not quite sure... The models were originally created in Maya, but now I do them in Blender. In Blender the Armateur has a scale of 0.1.