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Official Special thanks to our 2022.1 alpha and beta users

Discussion in '2022.1 Beta' started by LeonhardP, Nov 18, 2021.

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  1. LeonhardP


    Unity Technologies

    Jul 4, 2016
    2022.1 has been released today, and we would like to thank everyone who used 2022.1 during the alpha or beta phase and gave us feedback. Additionally, we want to extend a special thank you to the following users that submitted bug reports during this time and helped us track down remaining issues:

    AnS @ans
    Aron Rescec
    Bianca Marina Stana @bianca-stana
    Björn Martins Paz, bjornmp
    Blackclaws @BlackclawsK
    Boris Novikov @dnnkeeper
    ChGuidi @ChGuidi
    ComRS Master @ComRSMaster
    Dmitriy Yukhanov @codestage
    Eric Turgott @crafTDev
    Ev Amitay @evyatron
    Faisal Alshathri
    Felix Herbst @fherbst
    gamesbyjp @GamesbyJP
    Hannes Trebbin @Armynator
    Helmut Duregger
    herra_lehtiniemi @herra_lehtiniemi
    Jiří Bury Tykev
    Kamil Andrzejewski @KamilDA
    Kichang Kim @Kichang-Kim
    Kirill Titov @Camarent
    Kronnect ( @Kronnect
    Lars Steenhoff @Lars-Steenhoff
    Lex4art @Lex4art
    Lurking-Ninja @Lurking-Ninja
    Marti @Catsoft-Studios
    MasoInar @MasoInar
    Mateusz @apkdev
    Matthew Newcombe, mnewcombe
    Muhannad Abbas (
    Nahuel Mangiarua @TieSKey
    Orgad Arbel @DoctorShinobi
    Pixel Voices
    PutridEx @PutridEx
    Rowlan @Rowlan
    Saehoon Lee
    Samuel Förström @Satsaa
    Sebastian Bischlager @HG_SB
    TheZombieKiller @TheZombieKiller
    Thomas Ingram @vertxxyz
    Viktor Nagy
    Yuki Tokioka @yuki4080
    Yuriy Popov, Incineration Productions
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Not open for further replies.