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Special thanks to our 2020.1 alpha and beta users

Discussion in '2020.1 Beta' started by LeonhardP, Oct 8, 2019.

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  1. LeonhardP


    Unity Technologies

    Jul 4, 2016
    2020.1 has been released today and we would like to thank everyone who used 2020.1 during the alpha or beta phase and extend a special thank you to the following users that submitted bug reports during this time and helped us track down remaining issues:

    Andi McClure @mcclure111
    Andrew O'Connor @andrewoconnor
    Andy Moore @AbsurdAndy
    Arne Bezuijen @Arnage_nl
    Axel Faux @Dr-Gum
    Ben Pateman @Cerzi
    Bjarke @bjarkeck
    Borja @bdovaz
    Bradley Shepherd @bradleyfshepherd
    Bruno Ramalhete @brunomsr
    Carl Emil Carlsen @cecarlsen
    Cezar Augusto Ximenes Wagenheimer Lima @wagenheimer
    CDF @CDF
    Christian @cgascons
    David Pol @gamevanilla
    Devin Bidwell @didwell94
    Dmitri Kurteanu @Devil_Inside
    Dmitriy Yukhanov @codestage
    Doug C. @Ziflin
    Drew Castalia @Marble
    Etienne Scemama de Gialluly @axesdg
    Ettore Passaro @ptc-epassaro
    Felix Herbst @fherbst
    Fernando Cussó @gcusso
    Florian Hanke @florianhanke
    Flurgle @Flurgle
    Frederik H. @FritzsHero
    Gonzalo García O. @flatterino
    HANICOT Marc @WAYN_Group
    Hertzole @RealMTG
    Igor @IShol
    Ivan Shakhov @van800
    Jérémy @jeremha
    Jeremy Harford @gnostici
    Jichaels @Jichaels
    Jiří Vašica @PerunCreative
    Johannes Weidner @JWRealmforge
    Jonathan Linowes @linojon
    Jorge Reyna Tamez @georgeq
    Josef Wienerroither @spacefrog
    Julian Moschüring @julian-moschuering
    Julius O. @juloef
    Kichang Kim @Kichang-Kim
    Lars Steenhoff @Lars-Steenhoff
    Laurent @laurentlavigne
    Luiz Henrique Saydt @henriquesaydt
    Lukas Kastern @Lukas_Kastern
    Mahdi Jeddi @mahdi_jeddi
    Manuel Göllnitz @manuelgoellnitz
    Manuel Pezzera @Zipe92
    Meik-Kevin Münch @MeikITK
    Miika Vihersaari @EngineArtist
    Mikhail Sereda @mihajlo0743
    Moritz Jaeger
    Moritz Voss
    Nikita Sokolov @Abruzzi
    Peter Schraut @Peter77
    Quentin Brun @quentin_brun_ibwave
    Ramiro Oliva @Thrawn75
    Raul Turcus @Raul_MadGoat
    Rob @hippocoder
    Robert Farthing @ROBYER1
    Roman Fadeev @rfadeev
    Ron Britvich @Protagonist
    S Turner @Sibz9000
    Shintaro Matsuura @clpmatsu
    Steffen Vetne @PrecisionCats
    Tom Read Cutting @moosichu
    Tony Giang @tonygiang
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