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Sound Maps - Completely new scenario sounds solution

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by frozenpepper, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. frozenpepper


    Sep 17, 2007
    Happy to introduce our first Asset cleaned up and ready to be released on the Asset Store.
    Sound Maps, is a solution for the quite common problem of scenario sounds of complex shapes/areas, one of the most common uses for this tool would be that of setting up the sounds for a sea shore, a river or a forest. Basically all types of sound that are hard to define with one or more audio sources and simple triggers.
    Our asset comes with a good area mapping system, so that you can use textures as "Audio Maps" and define complex shapes in 3d space in which your sounds should be played. Simply paint a shoreline with a smooth gradient to handle audio fading and system will handle AudioSources, audio direction and volume based on player position in your unity scene.
    We are very close to submit the asset to the AssetStore, but in the meantime we can share a demo player showing the system capabilities in a simple unity scene, in which system is used to control every audio effect. A shoreline, a river a forest and a cliff all react to player position correctly without the need for triggers and multiple audio sources to define a simple shoreline or river. System also handles direction of sound so that you can maintain sound directionality without having to resort to 2D sounds for complex ambient sound effects.

    WebPlayer :

    Here a video for the first tutorial about setting up the audio for a river

    The core component of the asset is a generic "AreaMap" component that allows user to define 3D maps of data for specific areas of your scene providing one or more 2D textures. This component can be used for many other use cases other than audio, in some of our projects we are using it to define wind strength, animal spawning and much more, it's basically an easy to use and setup density map handler which you can access via code independently from the "Audio" handling components of this asset.

    Hope you will like it, and to soon have an Asset Store link to share.