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Assets Some stuff from a Unity SDK my company has been working on for both beginners and advanced users

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by wirewalkerdev, Jan 3, 2021.

  1. wirewalkerdev


    Oct 7, 2018
    I'm admittedly not the best at coding (by far) and I know that while it's easier for advanced users, doing the basics like menu design and spawning/despawning multiple items can take a while. For this reason, I got development started on the MenuZ system!

    It allows for the following:

    • A tag system where objects are divided into Systems, Subsystems, Tags and Hashtags

    • An easy menu maker system that works by making an asset hierarchy spawn/despawn with a button press

    • A forward/back history button (For UI presses)

    • An easy loading screen creator

    • A system where multiple objects can be replaced with another set of objects depending on a drop down option

    • An easy scrollbar creation system that includes choosable options and features such as
    Automatic Scrolling/Scrolling Control

    UI Interaction Options (Touchable, Non touchable, Remote Controlled)

    An endless scrollbar option

    • A UI system that allows other UIs to snap together (With effects if wanted)
    And much, much more!

    The tag system is the star of the show as it allows a large amount of game effects to be edited. As an example, let's say you were making a Cyberpunk-Like game and wanted certain vehicles from a group (Let's call them Arasaka) to have a base health of 200, all cars to have a maximum speed of 200, motorcycles a maximum speed of 300 and wanted to make the vehicles all customizable. Instead of writing scripts for each vehicle, the tag system would allow it to look something like this:

    Example 1: Example 2:

    Company (System): Arasaka Company (System): Arasaka

    Object (Subsystem): Vehicles A Object (Subsystem): Vehicles A

    Type (Tag): Car Type (Tag): Motorcycle

    Model (Tag 2): Jaguar Model (Tag 2): Light Cycle

    Model Type (Tag 3): Standard Model Type (Tag 3): Heavy Edition

    Section (Tag 4): Trunk Section (Tag 4): Left Side

    Part (Tag 5): Back Cover Part (Tag 5): Chain

    Add-Ons (Tag 6): Spoiler Add-Ons (Tag 6): Titanium Replacement

    The, you could script the tags to have anything under a certain heading do a certain function (I am planning to add a group of examples and another SDK for this part)! Hashtags could also be added to any item which would allow it to be referenced in either a drop down or scrolling list! Aside from that, you could use the system to make a shop which gives a list of parts depending on the Tag (with a list that is updated from items with a certain hashtag) and changes parts with the despawn/spawn feature! It can even be used to do things like making sectional and regional damage possible!

    It sounds like a lot, but the UI itself is much more sleek!

    Stuff I will add includes:

    - A Customization Menu (With prefabs that can be saved on runtime)
    - A basic RPG
    - A menu system and
    - A few minigames

    It will work for about all platforms on Unity and if you couldn't tell from the addition of a history feature will also work with VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2! I plan on using it myself for my XRUIOS (Extended Reality User Interface Operating System) project! Feel free to leave any thoughts or suggestions below!

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