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Bug Some of the skinned mesh vertices get distorted (they converge at Root) at runtime, sometimes

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by Kondziu2504, Feb 26, 2024.

  1. Kondziu2504


    May 28, 2018
    Example of distorted mesh:

    The mentioned problem occurs when instantiating SkinnedMeshRenderer (regular MeshRenderer works properly) model at runtime and only for some of the character meshes.

    The problem occurs quite randomly - sometimes happens in editor and sometimes in the build. If I change some random settings, for example in URP asset, the problem sometimes disappears, but if I change another random thing the problem occurs again.

    The most interesting fact is that the mesh fixes itself after either pausing and unpausing editor or after using in-game pause (TimeScale = 0). Also when I drag the model into scene so It's there from the start of the game it works and then Instantiating at runtime also works.

    Since it occurs only on some meshes I guess the meshes are the problem, but I'm not really sure how i can fix it. Below are main things I tried:
    - Changing fbx import settings - mainly those that could affect vertices (mesh compression and mesh optimization among others)
    - Changing/removing weight of the vertices and changing/removing vertex groups (In Blender)
    - Testing on different materials

    Setup I'm using:
    - Unity 2022.3.14f1 (also tested on 2022.3.20f1),
    - URP
    - Blender 3.6
    - Windows

    Any ideas what could be going on? Any clue is welcome.