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Bug Some issues in Unity 2022.3.17f1c1

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by Halo_Shrimp, Feb 12, 2024.

  1. Halo_Shrimp


    Aug 27, 2021
    Hello, I updated my project version from unity 2020 to unity 2022, and I met some issues.

    When open the scene, I can't rotate the scene camera. I press and hold the right mouse button, nothing happened. No an eye icon appears. After saving any script in vscode and wait for the unity to finish loading, or enter the play mode for once, I can rotate scene camera again.

    I can't change camera velocity when moving the scene camera.

    As a sun source, when the directional light intensity turns to 0 or a black color, all lights will disappear, and game view goes black. In the light copoment shows a message "Lighting has been disabled in at least one Scene view. Any changes applied to lights in the Scene will not be updated in these views until Lighting has been enabled again", But the 'Scene' lighting mode is open.

    Are these issues bugs or just I did any? Thanks for all helping!!

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